A grade 4 class at one of Nelson's schools was given a bag of Laugh Tea. Here are some of the thank you notes.... 

"Thank you for bringing in Laugh Tea. I reliy in joy haveing it avery ay and my classmats like it too."   -Koa

"Thank you for giveing us laghf tea! It is so good. When we first got it evrey one was laghfing so hard busaes they thought it made you lagh! Did that hapen to you?" - Edie

"Thank you so much for the lagh tea. It is my favorat tea we have at snack. I hope you can give us some mor flavours." - Immanuel

"Thank you for bringing us some laugh tea. Laugh tea is one of my favourite kinds of tea. I am exited to try a new kind of ancestar tea." - Taya

"Thank you for giving us laugh tea. I really like it and I think the buterflys like it too." - Rhiannon

"Thank you so much for the laugh tea it's s-o-o good we hav it almost every day at lungch and snack time. I allwase look for ward to snack and lungch to have it." - Nathan